• Sesame Charcoal Burger Bun

Sesame Charcoal Burger Bun

Product Specifications
Baked in individual moulds, our perfectly round charcoal burger buns boast a soft and fluffy texture, yet robust enough to hold the weight of the juiciest burger patty. Natural bamboo powder added to our regular burger bun recipe to yield a sophisticated deep, black look. Generously coated with sesame seeds for added fragrance. Comes already pre-sliced and fully baked for your convenience.
Product Code: TRTHFOL4014
Packing: 1CTN X 8PKT X 6PC
Weight: 80G
Case Size: Nil
Shelf-life: 365 Days
Convenience: Thaw and Serve
Allergens: Cereals, Soybeans, Sesame
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