New and Improved Generation BAKE'UP ®

BAKE'UP ® is Vandemoortele's unique technology for pastry that when frozen is 60% smaller than equivalent pre-proved products. As a result, our customers can save up to 60% in storage and logistics costs. These products can be baked straight from the freezer, as they prove as they bake, saving time for our customers. With this improved level of convenience, as well as the products' excellent taste, BAKE'UP ® is a very attractive choice.
New and improved generation BAKE'UP ®​
In order to retain our unique position in the market, with a real innovative technology, we have developed a new generation of BAKE'UP ®. This new BAKE'UP® technology noticeably improves the quality of the product. We therefore decided to protect this innovation with a patent: Only Vandemoortele can offer this level of convenience and quality to the customer.