Emborg Professional

Emborg Professional Chef's Selection 35.5% Whipping Cream

Emborg Chef’s Selection Whipping Cream has great versatility, high volume and excellent stability. It has a clean white appearance and smooth creamy texture which makes it great for both sweet and savoury application. With a 35.5% dairy fat content, Emborg Chef’s Selection Whipping Cream is quick to whip to desired yield and texture. However, it does not over-whip easily and has a smooth texture in both liquid and whipped form. It also maintains sharp definition after whipping and is the perfect ingredient for all hot or cold culinary, baking and beverage applications.

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Product specifications

Product Code: FF0127 UOM: PKT Packing: 1 CTN x 12 PKT Weight: 1L Case Size: Nil Shelf-life: 365 Days Convenience: Ready to Use Allergens: Information Coming Soon