Potato Products

With more than 40 years’ experience, we create and offer solutions for almost every market sector. Frozen, chilled, or dehydrated, our products will perfectly complement all your dishes and types of cuisine. We are committed to helping you discover the delights of the potato in all its forms, no matter where you are in the world.

Potatoes to the world

Original Belgian Fries

Go for Gold

Original Belgian Fries, that’s gold in your hands. Straight from the heart of Europe, they are brought to you by the Belgian suppliers – who combine their craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production processes to guarantee perfectly golden-yellow fries.

Original Belgian Fries: The number one fries from the heart of Europe!

Did You Know?

Belgium is not only the world’s leading frozen potato export country? We are a major importer of fresh potatoes as well, from our neighbouring countries – The Netherlands, the north of France, and Germany. Our neighbours’ potatoes are like gold in the hands of our producers.

Original Belgian fries

Our Factory

High Quality Work in Complete Safety

From field to plate, there is not a single stage of processing that does not involve strict control of the quality of our products and respect for food safety. In parallel, internal and external audits are carried out annually to ensure that our certifications are renewed: IFS, BRC, BIO, Halal, Kosher, FCA, Self-Control Guide, SMETA, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001.

We also follow other quality programmes such as HACCP to prevent the risk of product contamination.

7 Unique Selling Points

Hover over the 7 fries below to find out more.

Defect (Visual) Defect (Visual)



  • Made from selected potatoes
  • Consistent high-quality appearance
Length (Visual) Length (Visual)



  • Consistently longer fries
  • Visually more appealing presentation on a plate
Water Content (Efficiency) Water Content (Efficiency)


Water Content

  • A better potato flavour
  • A crispier bite
Frying Time (Efficiency) Frying Time (Efficiency)


Frying Time

  • Faster service turnaround
  • Up to 70% more guests served per hour
Yield (Efficiency) Yield (Efficiency)



  • Better value for money
  • 25% more portions per kilogram of frozen product
Oil Uptake (Efficiency) Oil Uptake (Efficiency)


Oil Uptake

  • 25% lower oil consumption
  • Less greasy fries on the plate
Crunchiness (User Experience) Crunchiness (User Experience)

User Experience


  • Superior texture
  • A more enjoyable eating experience

Potato, the Heart of Our Business

We have perfected the supply chain from field to fork, delivering top quality products. At the service of professionals, we provide them with potato products curated for everyone – traditional catering, collective catering, street food, or even at home. Everyone and anyone can express the best of their cuisine. Here are some inspirations for you.

Tapas Culture
Tapas Culture

Tapas Culture

Rich Flavors and Varieties

We offer a delicious and convivial moment around our Patatas bravas, our new Mozzarella Sticks, our gourmet noisettes or our delicious Potato Nuggets cheddar.

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Veggie Inspiration
Veggie Inspiration

Veggie Inspiration

An Excellent Lifestyle

Flexitarianism, vegetarianism and veganism. These diets are increasingly appreciated and embraced by consumers all around the world. We offer a wide assortment of potato specialities as side dishes to all your Veggie recipes.

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The Perfect Balance
The Perfect Balance

Breakfast Time

The Perfect Balance

To shine from sunrise to sunset a good breakfast is recommended. Indeed, skipping breakfast can lead to overeating at lunch, craving snacks and feel tired throughout the day.

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Our Product Range

No matter where you live, which sector you work in, or which requirements you may have, Lutosa has the right solution for your specific needs. We offer golden crispy Belgian fries, smooth and creamy mashed potatoes, crunchy rösti and many more delicious products! Is your mouth watering yet?