Minor Figures

Minor Figures Nitro Chai Latte

Our take on a sweet 'n' spicy classic. We slowly infuse high-quality black tea with the finest spices at our microbrewery in East London to capture the purity and depth of every ingredient, elevated by our carefully crafted Oat M*lk. A rush of nitrogen is released when you crack it open creates a microfoam mouthfeel to smooth things over. Nice. -- No dairy. No added sugar. 100% vegan. Brewed in East London.

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  • Minor Figures Nitro Chai Latte

Product specifications

Product Code: FF0005 UOM: CAN Packing: 1CTN x 12CAN Weight: 200ML Case Size: N.A. Shelf-life: 365 Days Convenience: Ready to Drink Allergens: Halal, Vegan, Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO